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When you have a deep passion for music, it becomes difficult to choose a lane to ride
down. That’s why Badius decides to take his favorite tones, and create his own. With the upbeat
vibe from pop, heart-wrenching soulful lyrics, and a mysterious alternative feel, one genre
couldn’t possibly characterize the tone—or story, new and upcoming artist Badius is trying to
convey. Through his life experiences and wide vocal range, Badius’s soulful storytelling is one of
a kind, translating his struggles and hardships with life, love and relationships into a melodic
language that music lovers can not only hear, but feel.
There are two sides to every coin. And as a kid from the suburbs of Long Island, Badius
has tried his luck on both sides. Knowing what it is like to love and to lose, to be the heartbreaker
and the broken-hearted, his life has been a journey of ups and downs. But instead of letting these
experiences pass through him, he’s embraced them in a way that speaks to so many others. “One
thing that I like to remind myself is the fact we all have to grow,” he says, “But in order to grow,
you need to put yourself in uncomfortable spaces.”
That uncomfortable space has become the sound of today’s generation. Using his life as a
reference track to the finished product, Badius has been able to shape himself and his music into
the polished artist he is today. The journey is expressed in his lyrics, but the music and his
delivery is straight from his soul. With songs like “Set in Stone” and “Not Me,” Badius provides
an authenticity that the music industry needs.
Although Badius may be a new name in this game, he’s got an all-star team backing him.
With music production from Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum music producer Rich
Skillz, lyrical guidance from fellow artist and Grammy nominated songwriter Rook Monroe, and
creative direction by Roy Nachum, who’s work on Rihanna’s ANTI received high praise, the first
official project from Badius will be more than promising.
Through the joys and pains of his truth, Badius’ ultimate goal is to add an element of
transparency to the industry as a whole. He is vulnerable in sharing his own imperfections, and
that courage to be true to himself is what listeners will relate to. He’s perfectly imperfect, and
judging by the looks of everyone in the world around him, he is not alone.